I'm Dave, a hobbyist photographer who mostly lives, works, and plays in Southern California.
"Borrego Photography" is just my online moniker; it is not a working business title nor associated with any person, place, or organization. It also does not imply any particular focus on subject matter of my work. "Borrego" is a Spanish word that has personal significance to me, and "Borrego Photography" was a moniker that was available as both a .com and Instagram handle, so I registered them both.
I do this as a hobby, not professionally, but if you're interested in having an event captured (birthday, Christmas party, etc..), feel free to use my Contact page to reach out!
Other than occasionally posting a few of my "prettier" pictures to Instagram, I don't use social media. I value and respect people's privacy, so I don't publicly post pictures of people's faces or include people in a way that makes then recognizable (unless you already know them personally).
I mostly shoot landscapes from trips that we go on, but I'm working on improving my portrait skills. Lately, I've also been experimenting with 35mm film (black & white, C-41 color, E-6 slide, and Homemade RedScale), Infrared (both false-color & monochrome), Astro-photography, HDR, and Neutral Density filters, amongst other creative techniques. I'm comfortable home-developing my own Black and White in the bathroom, I've dabbled with at-home C-41 color developing, but home E-6 developing is a long way off... I only develop film, I don't produce prints at-home. I digitize my developed film with an Epson v600 Photoscanner using SilverFast 9 software.
Most of my digital work is shot on a Sony a6000 mirrorless, but earlier digital was on a Sony a3000, mirrorless, and a small selection of very early digital was shot on a Sony DSC-H9. Most film is on a Nikon FE SLR, but some is on a Vivitar v4000 SLR. I still grab a disposable camera occasionally. All infrared is on a Nikon D70 DSLR that I converted to infrared myself. Early underwater work was shot with the the Sony a6000 with a SeaFrogs housing, but I now mostly use an Olympus TG-6 with Olympus PT-059 housing underwater.
Although most of my photos do not include watermarks or copyright info in their metadata, all images are copyright David Kennedy ©, 2023. If you're interested in using a photo, I'm very open to getting some exposure, so feel free to reach out via my Contact page and I'm sure that we can work something out with little effort. I'm not actively seeking out opportunities, but if you found your way here and found something you like, please drop me a line!
Please use my Contact page for Take-Down Requests.
-Dave, 2023.

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